Two hospital workers remove masks for vicious ‘MMA style’ brawl in cafe

Two hospital workers removed their masks for a vicious “MMA style” brawl filmed in a hospital cafe.

They completely ignored social distancing rules to wrestle each other to the floor in the bizarre incident believed to have taken place in a London hospital this weekend.

During the fight, one NHS worker in hospital scrubs proceeds to hold her colleague in a tight choke hold.

The pair trade blows and pull hair in front of stunned bystanders.

The shocking clip ends as one nurse holds the other on the restaurant floor.

Social media users have expressed their shock at the hospital workers violently fighting in the footage – especially during the pandemic.

One user wrote: “Why are nurses fighting on the floor like they be in MMA during a global pandemic.”

Meanwhile another individual sarcastically wrote “lucky they’re in hospital already”.

Another commented online: “We don’t need nurses fighting like this and ignoring social distancing in our world right now. Makes me sad.”

One social media user said: “Please. All of us are here trying to stop others from catching covid but these two nurses be fighting on the hospital floor not giving a sh*t.”

Meanwhile one individual angrily wrote in response to the footage: “Why the f**k am I clapping every Thursday at 8pm to save the NHS when two nurses be scrapping on the floor like this.”